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All Nations Print Installs Presstek 34DI Digital Offset Press
Ease of entry into offset, environmental sustainability and reduction of outsourcing key decision factors.

Hudson, NH - June 12, 2009 - Presstek, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of digital offset printing solutions, today announced that All Nations Print of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has installed a Presstek 34DI digital offset press to augment its digital toner-based production platform. Founded in 2002 as a brokerage firm, All Nations Print has built a successful printing operation that caters largely to the Aboriginal community in Manitoba, as well as producing work for federal and provincial governments under Aboriginal procurement set-aside contracts.

"Our business was growing at about 15%," says Brenda Parsons, Owner/Marketing Director. "But deeper analysis revealed that the growth area for us was the offset printing that we were outsourcing, and that was growing at about 30%. The in-house digital production area, where we were investing all of our money, was actually losing. Acquiring the Presstek 34DI allowed us to bring that outsourced work back in house at higher margins and balance our P&L much more rationally."

All Nations had been looking for an offset solution for some time, but with no offset press experience, Parsons found conventional offset intimidating and needed a less complex printing solution. She also wanted an environmentally sustainable printing solution that did not require chemistry and produced as little waste as possible. "The Presstek 34DI makes so much sense," she adds. "We already knew how to prepare the files and send them to a digital press, and we had experience running an HP Indigo press, which had a lot of similarities in paper handling and such. With all of the automation inherent in the 34DI press, we knew we would be able to manage it more effectively than a conventional press."

Parsons reports that although the 34DI press has only been in operation since March, it is exceeding expectations. "We have much more control over the color and quality on the press than our offset counterparts," she says. "One project had a component printed on the DI press and required a long-run offset component as well. The offset shop couldn't match our quality."

Parsons concludes, "I have been around printing for a long time, and I am not easily impressed. But we frequently find ourselves saying, 'Wow, this is nice.' It is much richer and deeper than toner, and even our conventional offset partners are impressed with the results. It was the best possible decision we could have made for our business."

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